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Ticketek Launch New “App Clip” Allowing For Convenient Purchases

Ticketek has launched an “App Clip” for iPhone, allowing users to buy mobile tickets without needing the Ticketek iOS app.

The innovation works by users scanning a designated QR code or tapping an NFC tag, which will then enable customers to securely purchase tickets through Apple Pay and stored on their Apple Wallet.

Apple released “App Clips” with the iOS 14, giving access to customers for an app’s main functions without having to download the full application.

Ticketek’s managing director of ticketing for Ticketek’s parent company TEG, Cameron Hoy, said that he was “thrilled to bring another world-first to Ticketek fans” with a fast and convenient purchasing system.

“The Ticketek App Clip will create a frictionless event day experience for fans, giving them access to mobile tickets in as few as two taps,” Hoy said.

The App Clip was trialled earlier this month at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) and will launch officially on the May 15 at a Sydney Swans Australian Football League (AFL) fixture.

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