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Identifies the struggles and the philosophies of senior accountable members of the sports bodies and the respective athletes.

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    Ministry of Sport

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    Ben Parsons & Age Rappell


Make a web presence for the leader in sports mentorship.

John Buchanan who served as the Ex Head Coach of the Australian Cricket team hosts the series
“The Coaches Coach”.
Appointed in October 1999, Buchanan helped steer the team to unprecedented success, at one stage his record was 15 wins from 15 games played as Head Coach.

Sport played at the top level, whether professional or amateur, is a cauldron of scrutiny from media, fans, sponsors, selectors and peers. Each contest is measured and viewed on publicly displayed scoreboards. Every day, athletes are tested for their match day readiness. And sport is about winning or losing – that is the game.

Sport is a wonderful teaching and learning medium for leadership, how to create a peak performance culture, dealing with egos, taking teams and people from good to great, data analysis and performance measurement, and more.

6 Part Series is essential to be expertly guided through all the interactions that happen in sport and which provide a multitude of lessons on leadership and coaching.

Enlighten tips and tricks in getting the best out of yourself and members around your tribe or team.

The team

Meet our
professional team.

Project Management

— Age Rappell & Ben Parsons  
Executive Producer

Creative Direction

— Age Rappell 
Director and Editor

Host and Guests

— John Buchanan
Host Season 1 and 2

— Guest : Justin Langer
Current Head Australian Cricket Coach
Season 1

— Guest : Trevor Hendy
Ex world Champ Ironman
Season 2

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