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Ministry of Sport Agency and Entertainment

We are creative thinkers in in sports.

Commercialising Icons, People, Brands and Events.

  A Trusted Team

Dynamic Thinking

Experienced Offering

A Sports
Entertainment Agency.

A team that creates, innovates and changes how the business of sport is played.

We review current strategies, conduct a digital audit and market research, review overall marketing  communication practices and competitor analysis.


We utilize brainstorming sessions & workshops; define shared goals and expectations, and craft a cutting edge sporting strategy to achieve your organisations sporting business goals.


We execute the agreed strategy within the world’s best practice, providing your organisation a frictionless experience on time and within budget.


We Advise.

We help brands innovate by being at the forefront of the sporting entertainment industry.
We believe innovation provides the power to evolve the industry into the next decade.
Clients engage with us to craft, connect, and lead their thinking on how they can innovate for the future.

We Optimise.

We drive business results through strategy, execution and implementation.
We specialize in innovative programs for the sporting industry.
Client delivery includes presenting on strategy, delivering on implementation and executing on initiatives that sporting organisations

We Communicate.

We utilise our creative team to bring compelling content together to tell your sporting innovation story.
We are in the media industry, and we know the media industry.
Clients come to us for creative content, compelling communication and targeted public relations campaigns.

A team that
and changes
how the business of sport
is played.

Work with the team
to create the best sports solutions for you.

We’re a sports agency who are excited about unique ideas to help create your sporting goals.

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